59 days left

Eeek, 9 days since the first of these blog posts and it feels like I haven’t done anything 😀 That isn’t actually true, Henrik and I finished chapter 4 and 5 in the crystal growth book, I applied for change of subjects on my PhD plan and phd.tex has been created! So I’m actually doing ok 😉 Front page:

I remember the writing part on my masters which was very hard in the beginning. Currently, the writing is very slow, but I know (didn’t when I wrote my masters) that once I just into it, it isn’t so hard and the pages come easily.

The plan for the rest of the week is to get some idea of the direction of the thesis. The PhD thesis in Norway (at least UiO) typically consists of an introduction (~40 pages) that will try to tie all the work together, then a list of papers.

For me it makes sense to use Atomify and faceting of silicon carbide nanoparticles (n-SiC) as the main work that defines everything. That would be Atomify as a new, improved way of developing and testing new ideas in molecular dynamics. It is faster to test parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc) when you immediately get the response rather than waiting for the simulation to finish. This is actually how we found the sweet spot temperature for faceting n-SiC.

The paper on procedural nanoporous geometries will then be on this improved workflow topic since it allows you to generate unique, but statistically similar nanoporous materials without having to simulate each new geometry.

It also turns out that the CACS group at USC finished our paper on visualizing LAMMPS real-time in Unreal engine so that you can watch simulations in a virtual reality headset. This should also be included in the thesis I think.


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